Sunday, 28 September 2008

The end of the blog

As from Monday all reports and news will appear on the new web site. Thanks to everyone for their help in making the blog a success. Please continue to email me all your reports as we take the next step to a web site.

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Woodmen chop down Marco

Milborne Woodmen 427 Marco Wanderers 424

In a closely fought match, the Woodmen edged out Marco by three pins. Throwing first Marco opened up with a steady 61 leg which the home team responded with what turned out to be their worst score of the night of 53. The second leg saw Marco struggle to 55 and in reply the Woodmen pulled five pins back. The third leg was tied with scores of 59, before Marco hit their best leg of 71 which the Woodmen couldn't’t match but they did hit a solid 62 leg to give the visitors a twelve pin lead. The lead was extended to fifteen in the fifth leg after scores of 62 and 59, but the match was turned on its head in the sixth leg, when Marco could only manage 56. Sensing a chance to get back in the match, the home side grab the opportunity with both hands lead by a stick up from Tony Brown (15) and some solid back up scores they managed to hit 70 and reduce the lead to one pin going into the final leg. A solid if unspectacular last leg of 60 by Marco left the Woodmen a victory target of 62, and after first four players had hit 7,9,3 and 6 it looked like the match was heading the visitors way. However, scores of 8 and 9 left the final pair needing 20 to win and Ady Climo seized the moment by hitting a peach of a first ball for a round eight and held his nerve to convert the stick up and hit a score of 15 to all but seal the victory which the last man duly did to give the Woodmen a well earned victory. Top score for the Woodmen was Tony Brown with an excellent 69 and for Marco Vaughan Penney with 60.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Web site

Matt Barrett is getting a web site up and running for the skittle league, this season will be a trial and he is open to any ideas you may have or advice.

Wide Boys outshine the Imps

The Imps 393 Wide Boys 441

The Wide Boys were in control at the Gurkha Inn from the first hand as they became the first team to beat the Imps this season.
Stick ups from Roy Fowler (14) and J.Dunham (11) gave the visitors a perfect start as they hit a 69 hand, the Imps were nowhere near that total and hit a poor 53 to go 16 down.
A bolter stick up from Justin Hallett gave Wide Boys a 60 hand and the home side a chance, but yet again the Imps were poor and only hit 54 to find themselves 22 pins down.
The third hand was tied as both teams hit 56, while on the third hand Wide Boys could only manage a 54 hand to let the Imps back in , and a 62 hand from the home side put 14 pins between the teams.
At this point it looked liked the game could swing in favour of the Imps, but the Wide Boys struck back with a 72 hand with stick ups from P.Lenaghan (12) and captain Andy Fowler (15) to finally kill of the home side who could only reply with a mediocre hand of 52 to give the visitors 34 pin lead.
Wide Boys drove home their superior scoring with a 73 hand with stick ups from S.Legg (15) and Andy Fowler with another 15, while a stick up from the Imps captain Terry Gosney (14) gave the Imps a 60 hand and Wide Boys a 46 pin lead.
With the match well and truly over the Wide Boys pulled 2 more pins hitting a 57 hand.
The two captains were top score, Andy for the Wide Boys with 62 and Terry for Imps with 61.

Breakaways win again

Brewers Bees 434 Breakaways 443

Breakaways made it three wins out of three in the league with a 9 pin win over Bees at the Conservative Club.
Bees started with a 58 hand which Breakaways beat by 5 hitting 63 with two 11's from 'the painter' and 'half Pint'.
A poor 54 hand from the home team was only just beat by the Wool side who hit 58 to go 9 up.
The Bees came back strong on the third hand with a score of 69 with spares from Dave King (15) and captain Steve James (14), but the visitors matched the hand with a fine 69 themselves with 'Halfy' getting another stick up (12).
On the fourth hand a 16 stick up from Captain Steve James helped the Bees to a 70 hand, this time Breakaways had no reply and hit 61 to tie the match up.
The fifth hand Breakaways won by 1 pin 60 to 61. A 13 stick up from Kev Holbrook saved the sixth hand for the Bees who hit 62, the Wool side took control with a 71 hand with stick ups from Captain Keith Brown (16) and anchor man Clive Williams (13) to go 10 pins in front.
Gus James gave the Bees a great start to the last hand with a 16 stick up but the home side could not build on it and only hit 61 to leave Breakaways an easy task to win the match, a 60 hand gave the Wool side a 9 pin win.
Kev Holbrook was top for the Bees with 65, while Half Pint and the anchor man Clive was top for Breakaways.

Skimmers stop 3CA

3 C A 419 v Skimmers 426

Previously unbeaten in the League 3 C A lost to Skimmers in a low scoring game at Charminster.

3 C A threw first and spirits were high when second man Rich "Beaker" Bird had a flopper with his first ball finishing with a 17 and reaching a hand total of 68. Skimmers were not to be outdone and the hit back with 71 including a 17 from Darryl Burt to take a lead of three. Skimmers extended their lead to 12 in the second hand with stick ups from Matt Burt 12 and Shaun Baker 13.

3 C A pulled back 2 pins on the third hand but should have done better had Phil Slade 12 and Steve Prior 11 capitalised on their stick up chances.

The middle hands saw some very indifferent scoring from 3 C A although one highlight was a flopper from Chilly Childs (15) in the fifth hand !! (Its true) Daryl Burt was again on target for Skimmers in the fifth hand with a second stick up 13.

3 C A went from bad to worse in the sixth hand hitting a meagre 49 but Skimmers were also under performing and could only manage 54 extending their lead to 13.

In the last hand 3 C A could not manage the stick up that might have given them a last gasp chance of snatching victory despite several good chances. Skimmers not hitting the winning pins until last man Derrick Knight threw.

Highest Scores

3 C A Richard Bird 63
Skimmers Daryl Burt 68

Monsters win

Plodders 394 Dewlish Monsters 415

Dewlish Monsters beat Plodders on Wednesday night by 21 pins. Top score for Monsters was Simon Ross with 63, while T.Hewish was top for Plodders with 57.